Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is the "Super" of Zan Christensen's and my "The Power Within" anti-bullying comic! I've just decided to call him "Power-Boy"! LOL We never did name him. Speaking of which--the book will be at San Diego ComiCon, at the Prism Comics booth being maintained by Zan, it's founder.

This was a 25 minute sketch. 25 minutes is MUCH longer than I should have spent on it. I got caught up in doing all the little shady bits. So I'm not really happy with this drawing. I need to keep this character fairly simple and clean, befitting not only the style of the comic, but his design as well. Still, I said I would post fails as well as successes. So far I think the fails are ahead! LOL It's not that I think this is a bad drawing or anything...it's just not quite right. And, as I mentioned--it took too long.

However, it also showcases the little sketch-page I made to do sketches on. I think it's cute...although perhaps I should cut down the number of little drawings lining the side. It's a bit busy. I like the comic book page theme though!

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