Monday, July 20, 2015

Spiderman-on-man Action!

So, on July 11 I set up my little convention display down at Destiny City Comics on St. Helens Ave in beautiful downtown Tacoma for a mini Pride Day related event. To be honest--it was slow for me. Lots of people came through, and I think the shop had a really good day, but I didn't do very well personally. Only one Magic card sketch commission--which, of course, I forgot to photograph, and I sold a couple of prints. :P

However, I DID manage to do another sketch cover while on sight. I put about 3 hours work into it--with pauses to chat with potential customers. In any case--it came out pretty good! Using a special "The Amazing Spider-man: Renew Your Vows" #001 variant blank cover issue, I created the Universe 69 gay Spidey! I originally wanted to have him lip-locked with the Miles Morales Spiderman, but had forgotten that the character was only supposed to be a young teenager and so it would be wildly inappropriate. I thought about using Venom, but I ultimately decided to use one of the Spidey clones. I liked the Scarlet Spider costume the best of the many clone versions, so SS made the cut. Btw, I used my growing new collection of Copic markers for the colors.

The design is actually based on a J. Scott Campbell cover in which Spidey was kissing Black Cat, while poor MJ looked on from the background. In my Universe 69 variation, Spidey is kissing Scarlet Spider (actually a clone of Peter Parker himself) while, once again, poor MJ looks on--BUT, in this world, Black Cat is there to help Mary Jane Watson through this difficult revelation! Anyway, it turned out pretty good and is now on display (and for sale) in the comic book shop where it was born.

Happy Pride!