Friday, March 18, 2016

College Teacher Conference Gig

Last Friday evening I did another caricature gig through Live-Wires, the entertainer dispersal agency I have been working with. It was a pretty enjoyable event because I was doing caricature sketches of teachers. I like teachers--I was always wanting to be the teacher's pet in my classes in school. I'm sure they found me more of a trial than a pleasure to deal with since I wasn't always a particularly good student. But I found it really interesting to chat with them while I worked on the drawings

Most of my victims...uh, I mean "subjects" were ladies. I did get a few men, although two of them were in the drawings with ladies, so I'm not sure if they were teachers or spouses. I only took 6 or 7 photos and ultimately only 4 of them came out. The others were blurry. I need to work on my phone photography skills. I must joggle my hand as I'm taking pics sometimes and I was rushing too fast to check them or do a second shot. But anyway--I did manage to get a few decent pics and here they are. I'm getting faster and, I think, more accurate all the time. But the main thing I'm working on right now is speed!