Friday, November 6, 2015

Inktober "DRAWLLOWEEN" Round-Up!

Another Inktober has come and gone! This year, in spite of a week when I was sick as a dog and missed one day entirely, I did pretty well keeping up. Along with a few of my fellow CLAW cartoonists, I followed a "Drawlloween" list that was posted online this year. Each day had a theme and we all drew something to match that theme. The only day I did not do that was October 21, because that was Back to the Future day! (Oct. 21, 2015 was the day that Marty and Doc brown went to 30 years into their future in the second BTTF movie.) That day I did a caricature of Marty and the Doc. But other than that I stuck to the list--although sometimes I tried to be clever with it.

Anyway, here are the highlights of Inktober 2015!

I also did this caricature for "pumpkin" day. Unfortunately I didn't think of the word "Trumpkin" until after I had written the headline on the actual art. Oh well. After I did think of it, I discovered that I wasn't the first to make that association, so it didn't matter anyway.

Terry Pratchett's "The Death of Rats" covered 2 days...the Rat day and the Skeleton day!

I was particularly happy with these two sets of caricatures I did. In addition to the BTTF ones, I drew Samantha and Endora from Bewitched on the day that the Drawlloween calendar selected for "Witches".

Hope you enjoy this selection of my Inktober highlights! I didn't include everything form the month (and probably included more than I should have!) Except for the day I missed while I was sick, most of the drawings were pretty decent...warts and all!

Harpy Holidays! Mwa ha haaaaaa!