Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What's Our Vector, Victor?

These are a bit outside the usual things I post here, but I was recently asked about vector cartoons I've done and I dug around on my computer at work and found a few fun pieces that I figured I'd post here. This is my "day job"! Yes, I have one of those!

So there you have it. A SMALL sampling of the vector drawings I've done over the 15 years...sorry, 10+ years I've been at my current job, adorning t-shirts and other types of sportswear and gear for resorts and shops and companies all over the world. Stay tuned for further updates!

^0^ (Anime koala happy face!)

Friday, February 2, 2018

A Slew of Recent Caricature Gigs!

Been doing lots of cartoon portraits in the past couple of months. December tends to be a busy month anyway with all the Christmas parties. I'm definitely getting faster and people seem to really enjoy the final products! Here's a few samples from several of the gigs I've done lately, from Nintendo and Amazon parties to Tacoma's First Night festivities to much smaller and more intimate affairs like birthday gatherings and a Christmas High Tea!

I should probably stop there. There isn't space to put all the pics from all the gigs. In fact, I probably overloaded this page as it is! I really love doing this work and I just want to get better and faster and get more well known so I can do more!