Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One RINGy Dingy...

Once again...we have an image that wasn't a quick sketch. This is also something I did for a CLAW announcement at the behest of my good buddy (the other Mark) Monlux. He sent me a sweet cartoon--his version of a sketch I guess, and then I toiled over this piece trying to make it look all superheroic. I was assuming he wanted it to look comic-booky, or else he could have just colored and used the drawing he sennt me. LOL Mind you--since it took me longer than I anticipated to draw it because I am SOOOOO freakin' tired--he probably wishes he had!

I spent the weekend and last night too finishing up the color work on Zan Christensen's and my anti-bullying comic called "The Power Within"! I think it has come out really cool--especially with pages by hot industry artists and writers who wanted to help us get the anti-bullying message across! (Some of these I got to color as well--really exciting to be able to work on these artist's pages!!)

OK, less gabbing, more posting. Besides...I need to go to bed. I plan to sleep a full 8 tonight!! Oh yeah!

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