Monday, June 13, 2011

Long John Solo?

This isn't exactly a quicky sketch today. It took my whole lunch hour and a break as well! but it's actually for a purpose--it's a drawing for my announcement of this week's C.L.A.W. Open Swim meeting! We have moved our Open Swim (open to the public) meeting to the third Thursday of each month to correspond with Tacoma's Artwalk, and this will be the first one. I was wrangled into hosting it--which means coming up with the theme for the little drawing contest we have at each Open Swim.

The theme I picked is "STAR WARS...What If?" Sort of a redux--what if Star Wars was a musical? What if it was a sword & sorcery fantasy? What if it was a game show?

In this demo piece, I'm showing Han (who is often called a pirate in the movies) as an actual pirate. Anyway--this isn't the announcement--just an explanation of the drawing.

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