Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Be A Hero" Day!! A BIG Success!

Today's "Be A Hero" fundraising sketch rally was a big win for everybody! We reached and will hopefully exceed our goal of $1000 for CLAW to invest in a "share" in Comic Book Ink (an organization who has been a good friend to The CLAW) to help keep them going through a rough patch in this economy. It was a priveledge to sit alongside my fellow CLAW members Mark Monlux, James Stowe, Adam Botsford, Anique Zimmer, Nick Butler and how could I forget my fellow Council of Four Eeyes member, Larry (Thorax O'Toole) Erhardt--to say nothing of the exceptional Jesse Munoz (a man we'd like to lure into the clutches of The CLAW!) and do sketches for everyone who donated to the cause! And the patrons we served were amazingly generous, patient and enthusiastic!! (Especially our new, very good friend James--you know who you are--who really put us over the top!

Thanks to everyone involved for such a great experience!!! Also to John Munn for giving us a store that creates so much loyalty and good will and Alex and Carmen who were our gracious hosts at the event!!

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