Friday, June 24, 2011

The Aardvark Cometh!

It suddenly occurred to me that I should draw a Cerebus. Aside from Spiderman's black and white costume and the Ninja Turtles, this barbarian aardvark was the thing that got me back into comics...and really introduced me to the idea of independent comics. Back then I never considered that you could publish something without being part of DC or Marvel! I came into Cerebus in the middle of the Church & State story...and it was so freakishly wild and bizarre and amazing, that I had to hunt down every issue I could find! And the whole concept of Dave Sim undertaking a 23 year project to do 300 issues just blew my mind. Of course, nowadays 23 years doesn't seem quite so eternal to me. But back then it seemed nearly crazy! LOL

This drawing was done on the back of a comic backer board, like we might be using at the Comic Book Ink "Sketch Slam" tomorrow. It works nicely with the marker...but it was too fuzzy with the brush pen. Couldn't get a clean enough least not for professional work. For the kind of rough and ready sketching we'll be doing tomorrow, it'll probably be fine! And they'll fit perfectly into comic book they can be protected.

This drawing took about 20 an extra five to do the quick marker work.

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