Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Prime Time...

Another C.L.A.W. Open Swim evening has come and gone! Tonight's theme for the sketch contest was: "Transformers--Ladybot & Deceptibabes"! The idea, obviously, to take "Transformers" characters and give them a transformation they'll never forget! In other words--into females! All very 'Trans' and I was tempted to go the Drag Queen road...but we only had an hour to crank these out and I really didn't have a decent idea beyond a couple of puns--which a couple of other people had also thought of. LOL

So I just took Optimus Prime and gave him a "straight"-forward makeover without trying to get too clever. I threw in one of the puns I had thought about, but other than that I kept it simple. I couldn't get too fancy, because frankly--I'm not any kind of expert on Transformers. I never followed the animated shows and I've seen the movies...once. So I felt at a distinct disadvantage.

But I did well--coming in thrid in the voting. ^0^ So I was happy. I even got a cool prize! (Thanks Nick!!)

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