Monday, May 16, 2011

Darkwing Duck! First sketch posting!

The Terror That Flaps In The Night!

OK, first posting of a sketch! I decided to do Darkwing Duck because I've never drawn him before...and he's just cool! HOWEVER, much improvement needs to be made! This sketch took WAY too long--about half an hour. The idea here is to develop a fast style for convention sketches, so I need to get these sketches down to 15 minutes, twenty at absolute most (and preferable ten on average.) Granted, I DID do a whole body shot, but it still just took way too much time. So, I definitely need to get that streamlined. Also, the shading marker I had turned out to be nearly dried up--need to get new supplies.

But anyway, here's day 1 of the Brillustrator Daily Sketch Blog! Not quite ready for a stopwatch yet...but it's a nice little sketch to start. ^0^

(BTW--interestingly, this book is written by Ian Brill! Long, lost relative?)


  1. That should be 15 minutes for paid sketches and two minutes for small freebies.

  2. Let me get it down to 15 minutes first, then I'll worry about that! LOL