Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My take on "The Comic Critic"

My friend and fellow C.L.A.W. member, Mark Monlux, does a great web/book published comic called "The Comic Critic", where he does a one page comic about a movie...or the experience of seeing a movie...or random thoughts about the relative merits of a movie, etc. (Visit and enjoy!)

For one of our C.L.A.W. 'zines, the members did their own versions of one another's comics--and I did a "Mark Monlux's The Comic Critic" about my favorite movie: "STAR WARS"! I did a style similar to his, but the experience depicted was all mine. ^0^


  1. You should have so created a link to that fantastic website.

  2. Hey, how about that...I did it!