Monday, May 23, 2011

A bit...Forced.

So, today's brilliant idea was: "Hey, I should draw Darth Vader from memory!" After all, what if a kid comes up to me during a con and says, "Can you dwaw Dawf Vadew fow me?"--and I don't have any reference handy?? What am I supposed to say to this poor child, who only wants a sketch of his favorite ruthless dictator?

I figured, hey--I've been watching Vader skulking around the Galaxy Far Far Away for 38 years...I SHOULD be able to draw him. Right? Ya think?? Well, I made a good try. It took about 25 minutes--so, too long. And it isn't quite right, although I haven't pulled up an actual photo to make comparisons yet. But maybe the kid will still think it looks cool and go away happy. (OR he'll pick it apart with the kind of detailed knowledge that I probably had 25 years ago, but have long since forgotten. You know how kids can be!)


  1. Looks like Darth Vader to me! That's pretty cool Mark.

  2. Holy crap! I TOTALLY left off the chest plate! I thought something looked wrong...