Monday, December 26, 2011

Paper Cuts!

Today's paper art piece is a sculpture done for my nephew, Jacob, for Christmas. He is nearly 13 and has become a big fan of classic Star Trek during the past year--which naturally finds favor with his geeky old Uncle who's been a Trekkie for nearly as long as there's been Star Trek! Mind you, I came in on Trek as reruns in the mid 70s, so I can't claim to be on original Trekkie, but I was pretty close.

This piece was built to fit the frame I got which was basically 8x10. So it's fairly small. The REALLY hard part was building the Shuttlecraft "Galileo 7"! When I sketched out the design, it was big...but when I was ready to put it together, I realized how tiny it would have to be. Yikes. My big, old, chubby fingers really had their work cut out for to speak!

It's not as close a likeness as I would have liked. I was going for a more stylized, cartoon look, but I would probably change a few things if I were doing it again. Over all, however, it came out pretty nice.

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