Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Holiday Card!

Here is the artwork for my + Bel's + Edmund's Holiday card for 2011. Last year I did a Harry Potter one and what could possibly compete with that other than another enduring franchise. I also considered Doctor Who (and we may still see that in years to come) and a number of other things. I even considered doing a series of "reject sketches" which would show us in increasingly ridiculous themes; for example, the DC Universe, with Edmund as Superman, Bel as Wonder Woman and me as Batman!
I used lots of Tribbles in the design because what could be more festive, or MORE representative of classic Trek than those cute, little, Kilngon-hating furballs?

The nice thing about having a blog to display this kind of stuff is that I can also show this: the final original drawing for the design before I overworked it in Photoshop. I was fairly pleased with the way the actual ink work came out. The intent was to get a bit of a Mort Drucker feel to the line quality, because his Mad Magazine parodies of the old ST series were as beautiful as they were hilarious! (I didn't go quite as caricature-ish, of course.)

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