Sunday, December 25, 2011

More Paperwork!

This dragon paper sculpture was done for my mom and step-dad for Christmas. We all share a love of the Anne McCaffrey "Dragonriders of Pern" books, and I had given them a paper sculpture dragon mask I had made for Halloween many years ago and I just really felt like that thing needed to be updated! It's old and bad!!

The "Wick's Weyr" title which I cut out of the scroll is in reference to a combination of their last name, (Wickwire) and the Dragonrider books, where the dragons live in 'weyrs'. They had given this name to a boat they had owned a long time ago which was ultimately destroyed in a marina fire. I figured the name could also refer to the house, because, as the McCaffrey books often explain, "A weyr is where your dragon is!"

I wasn't sure what to make for Michelle, my baby sister & her husband Ervin, but when mother was telling Michelle about the panda invitation sculpture I did for CLAW, I learned that Ervin was a big fan of the Kung Fu Panda movies. This seemed like a good idea for a sculpture, but I wanted it to be I decided to do ornaments. I made the Tigress for Michelle(although I'm sure she would probably have preferred a sculpture of a certain sparkley vampire who shall remain nameless. But I wanted to keep a theme going.)

As an added cute element, I didn't gift wrap them, but instead put them in those folded, paper Chinese food boxes with a bow on top! Turned out very cute. I think they both enjoyed the final pieces, and hopefully they will look good on their tree in years to come.

More paper sculptures are coming to the blog--I've actually done quite a lot of that lately! Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. Love the dragon! Made me think of this site, if you don;t know it you migt want to chck it out. Some very cool stuff here