Monday, September 21, 2015

Rose City Comicon 2015

So I attended Rose City Comicon in Portland over the weekend and, while I did better in the caricature realm here than I did at Emerald City, it was still pretty lackluster. BUT I did get a few brave souls who wanted to be Brillustrated! The first and hardest group was an entire family dressed as characters from the Disney/Pixar "Inside Out" movie! they really went all out and looked great! I was supposedly only doing black and white caricatures, but since color was so integral to their costumes I couldn't resist adding some. (Naturally I only charged them the B&W price.)

Then I got a father/son team dressed as Indiana Jones and Short Round...but with a twist!

And a chef...or maybe cook, who wanted the obligatory ZOMBIE caricature. He really liked it when it was done!

A couple of friends of mine, who spent a lot of time with us at the con wanted to get caricatures. Mark and Lou are great guys and make a cute couple!


There were a few other little sketches and one sketch cover that was pretty fun. Sales were light other wise. A few prints here, a couple of sketchbooks there. I had more room at this con and that was a plus, and it was a lot of fun to be there and enjoy the atmosphere and the people. I really enjoy cons, but I need to find a better way to lure in folks to make sales!!

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