Friday, September 18, 2015

Old School--SITH Happens!

Here is a sketch cover piece that I did to display and hopefully sell at Rose City Comicon this weekend.

I wanted to do something different than the zillion other Vader pieces I've seen on similar sketch covers and struck upon the idea of taking the original concept painting of Vader from Ralph McQuarrie's pre-production illustration of Vader and sort of space suited Luke facing off with lightsabers ablaze. I've always loved that painting and to this day it still gives me the nostalgic feeling of mystery and adventure that originally seeing Star Wars in the movie theater gave me. That painting really tales me back...

So here's to you Ralph McQuarrie! George never could have made Star Wars without your vision, and the Vader we all know and love wouldn't exist without this guy!

(Below, I'm posting the McQuarrie painting so you too can enjoy it's genius!)

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