Monday, January 28, 2013

"Mystic of the Crystal"

Another piece to add to my growing collection of work done in this style on the neat toned card-stock I picked up a while back. I'm really enjoying the way these pieces turn out. The ink with highlights and minimal color in color pencil. I've always liked this type of drawing, but for some reason, it took me a long time to get around to actually trying it myself. Now that I have, I find it to be very intense and alive! It's a very satisfying way to do these types of character study drawings!

My intention is to have a nice collection of this and other types of art to sell as prints at the comicbook and fantasy conventions I like to frequent. A lot of artists sell pin-ups of superheroes and other fictional characters at artist alley tables, but I never really had a lot of these types of prints to show at cons (except for the furry conventions), and I think it's time I corrected that oversight.

Anyway, I really enjoyed creating this drawing of one of the gentle Mystics from the world of Jim Henson and Brian Froud's "The Dark Crystal". I might also do one of Augura, the crazy old astrologer, perhaps with a sketch of her amazing observatory in the background. Or perhaps a piece featuring the charming Gelflings. But I must admit that the Mystics were always my favorite characters in the movie. I wish more of it had focused on them and their lives...but I suppose that would have been too dull for a movie. They weren't exactly like Shaolin priests or anything. All they did was lope along quietly making potions and sand paintings and songs...not exactly fodder for a thrilling movie spectacle.

At least they make nice subjects for drawings. ^0^


  1. Wonderful work, you capture Frouds creature but in your own unique way! Love it!

  2. Where did you get the cardstock?

  3. I got that print from you at my show an it's in a stack of stuff to be framed and hung.
    Love it!

  4. Very nice, I always love this type of drawing as well and of course the subject matter here is great too!

    Also, reading your profile , you say you are a huge geek...ever try Medieval recreation? I am in the SCA (look it up) and have a shop each August at the largest SCA event in the world (Pennsic War). I am trying to find new artists for my shop.

    1. Sorry about the late reply--I so rarely ever get comments I forget to look for them! I love the SCA, although I haven't been involved with it at all. I did go to an event once, many yahrens ago with a friend of mine (another Magic artist, Brian Snoddy). I don't think it was an official SCA event, but it was a similar principle. We got all decked out in armor with our foam-wrapped weapons and charged out onto the battlefield! I got killed in about the first 3 minutes. LOL

      Most of my medieval artwork is more fantasy based because I am a lousy researcher, and also because of the specific work I've gotten. When you say you are looking for new artists for your shop, do you mean to sell prints from or something like that?

      BTW, if you reply to this, please use my email addy for quicker results! ;) It is:

      Thanks, Tristan!