Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Super Christmas for Da Boys!

Just wanted to share the pin-up pieces I made for three of my nephews as Christmas presents. I did them on actual comic boards with all the blue lines, to give them an authentic feel. My sister was able to tip me off on which hero each of the boys particularly idolized.

I thought it was interesting which characters they picked. In a way it gives a bit of insight into each of their personalities. It just seemed that each one's choice was perfect for him. Makes me wonder about my own favorite comic characters...and what that says about me. Mind you, my favorites change from time to time, and I suppose theirs do too. I remember, though, how much I used to like Captain Marvel--a kid who could speak a magic word and become an invulnerable and powerful adult. And I always liked Spiderman, a guy who always felt torn by his secret life and guilt about his inability to be everything he thought he should be in both of his worlds.

Oh sure, I liked the Flash and Superman and Batman and many others. But there was always something about Captain Marvel and Spidey that really spoke to me growing up.


  1. And here's hoping your niece's pictures make it in as well, because Batwoman was /fantastic/. Seriously.