Thursday, September 22, 2011

MONKEYS of Doom!!!!

CLAW has been asked to participate in a "100 Monkeys" event. It's a Tacoma Arts event, set up to celebrate and promote local arts and such. CLAW participated in one last year and it was fun. The idea is that a local artist or group of artists put together 100 monkey-orientated "tiles" (which can be any art surface or medium, really) and they sell them at the event for a few dollars and the sales go toward the next event. There's drinking and dancing with live music from local bands and it's a pretty cool event. CLAW will be present at the October one that these tiles are for to do sketches and accept donations toward our Student Scholarship Fund.

The theme of the tiles we are creating is: Monsters and Costumes...and Monkeys!
Anyway, here are three of the tiles I've done...and I'll post more later!

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