Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chalk + Comics is made of WIN!

So yesterday we had the big "DC Reboot Chalk Competition" at Comic Book Ink! It was pretty fun...and very exhausting! I was so drained that by the time I was drawing the lettering my legs and arms were shaking really bad! *Whew!* But I mostly did what I wanted to do. I was drawing Swamp-Thing! Bernie Wrightson's (one of my artistic heroes) creepy creation from the seventies. He's one of the characters getting a new number one issue during the big reboot, and I think one of the cooler guys in the DCU. He's also a more obscure character than Superman or Bats...or even Green Lantern or the Flash, so I was trying to be a little indy.

So I managed to get a couple of progress snaps before the camera battery gave up the ghost. I took about 3 and a half of the 4 hour time alotment...and I was fairly satisfied with the results. I could have kept going, adding more elements to it, like flowers and leaves and stuff, but I was pretty wiped out by the end, so I needed to stop! I have GOT to get in better shape! Guess I should chalk more. It's a work out--I'll tell you that!

This was my second attempt at chalking, so I don't think I can complain too much, because, though I can see many things I wish I had done differently, it still came out pretty good and overall, I'm happy with it!

And I also did a little advertising for my comic! LOL Monlux, our CLAW "Master of the Super-sale" taught me that little trick!

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