Sunday, July 10, 2011

YOU Go To Town, Kimosabe!

It seemed unfair to post The Lone Ranger as an Old West icon without posting Tonto as one too. Yeah, he's usually relegated to the status of a mere side-kick, but the new Tonto in the Dynamite Comics' series is a bad-ass Warrior of the Plains! He's hard-core and doesn't take crap from anyone--especially his good ol' Kimosabe! One good thing about the new vision of the Old West--there's a little more equality--at least in terms of credit due.

Maybe The Lone Ranger is technically the lead...but he ain't the only "hero"! And Tonto helps him out of his own personal sense of justice and honor and not because he's somehow less important, or thinks of The Ranger as his boss or master. The new vision has them on deservedly even ground...and frankly, in a fight, I'd have to give the odds to Tonto!

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