Friday, July 8, 2011

The Hex You Say

This was another sketch doodled up while watching a Gunsmoke episode. LOL I REALLY like Gunsmoke--it's become one of my favorite series, not just my favorite Western series. Especially the older black and white ones.

Anyway--about the sketch. It is, of course, the infamous "Jonah Hex" of DC Comics. I never really followed his series, although, since there's a new one I may start. He seems to be, as I understand it, the "Batman" (although he looks more like Two-Face) of a frontier town that will eventually become Gotham City. He certainly has an iconic look, I'll give him that! I apologize to any JH fans if I messed up any details since this was sketched from memory. It was done with a blue ballpoint pen, but I adjusted the color to sepia after I scanned it to give it a more Old West glamour. ^0^

This is the third of my "Magnificent Seven" western tribute sketches.

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