Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Brillustrator - Live Event Caricature Entertainer!

Well, I have done my first few events for Live-wires as a Caricature Entertainer! Live event drawing isn't new to me--I've done them many times over the years, of course, (I even did charcoal portraits at the mall during the Christmas Season a couple of years), but these were my first outings with an agency as an "entertainment attraction". LOL No pressure there! Things went really well though. All the experiences were enjoyable and gave me confidence that this is the right direction for me!

One was a company Christmas party for a high-end uptown catering firm, and one was a birthday party with a whole BUNCH of little girls, and I drew them all! The third was another corporate Christmas party, but at a public restaurant. I took some photos of the work, but not many. I ultimately was too busy! But here are few of the sketches I did during those events!

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