Thursday, July 17, 2014

Birthday Drawings!

Just a quick post of a few birthday drawings done for July--and actually, there's still another one or two to go! A LOT of birthdays in July...

First is a sketch for a friend of mine. I'm working on a short "Super Mouse" comic with him (which is WAY over due, of course) and I thought he'd enjoy a sketch of the mouse in question wishing him a happy natal day!

My nephew's birthday is today, actually. For his brother I had drawn Mario playing football against Bowser, but since Brandon likes Batman I decided to do Bats and the Joker playing soccer. I didn't want to do football twice. Happy Birthday, kiddo!

My niece turns 20 this year and is venturing out into the world. She likes penguins and I thought a cute little fluffy penguin, longing to "fly away" would be a neat little drawing for her. Of course penguins can't fly, but they swim as if they were flying, so much like we humans, they adapt their dreams to suit their abilities. I think though, unlike the penguin, she WILL fly!

Finally, here's one I did for my nephew Max. He likes Doctor Who--my fault! I got him started. Mwa ha haaaa! I thought he'd enjoy a little TARDIS joy ride on his birthday! Since I can't give him a REAL one, unfortunately, this will have to do. I should have drawn a fez on him, but I forgot. :P

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