Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last night was not only the 43rd anniversary of the Stonewall Riot and beginning of the Gay Rights Movement, which is now even more appropriately called the "Equal Rights Movement", but it was also a CLAW Open Swim event which I was hosting. In remembrance of the fore-mentioned anniversary, we chose as out theme: "Alternative Lifestyles of the Super-Fabulous!" My fellow CLAW member Anique Zimmer did that schweet poster illustration and I added the text.

Anyway, the idea was to take an established super-heroic character and decide how they might choose to fly their PFLAG as it were. Initially my thought was to do a drawing of a character exactly as he is, after all--gay people are (and here's the big secret of the gay community) just like everybody else! Except for who the hero was dating, there would probably be no change at all. (And another CLAW member, James Stowe, used that very theme to excellent effect with his recreation of the Spider-man Giany-Sized Annual "Wedding Issue" cover, where everyone is the same, but Spidey is Marty James Watson!)

I decided to NOT to be subtle. I was the host, so I wasn't really competing or anything...and I didn't have a clear, good idea going in. So I just took one of my fave superheroes and GAYve him a rainbow makeover! Before he was a crime-fighter, he tried wrestling...and wrestling singlets are hot, so I started there. I didn't think of the perfect tag-line for the drawing until I got home. "With great PRIDE comes great responsibility!" I HAD to add it in. I thought it was clever, even if I do say so myself.

Anyway, it's just a little rainbow fluff for you to enjoy. ^0^

Happy PRIDE!

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