Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dragons? NAW! Year of the Flying Monkeys!!

2010 was "The Year of the Robot" and 2011 was "The Year of the Pipe" and I unilaterally decided to make 2012 "The Year of the Flying Monkeys". To that end, this was a piece of art I created to put on the website and the programs for C.L.A.W.'s "Great Yearly Ceremony", which is our annual get-together to celebrate the previous year and usher in the new one. If we continue the pattern of using CLAW's Sacred Truths as inspirations for each year, 2013 will have to be "The Year of the Zombie". That should be an interesting program...

Anyway, this art was a relatively quick piece inspired by the poster for "The Rocketeer". I liked the deco design, and the reason I thought of using that is because I had decided my flying monkey would have a retro-style rocket pack instead of the traditional wings. That kind of art deco layout then seemed the obvious look.

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