Monday, November 14, 2011

Portland Comic Book Show!

So here I am at a table I was sharing with Nick Butler (fellow CLAW member, and the driver of our expedition south to the great state of Oregon--and also the credit for this pic goes to him), sketching and surrounded by various merchandise I was trying to unload. ^0^ "The Power Within" comic, of course. The "Mark of Aeacus" comics, also done with Zan Christensen, writer extraordinaire. I also had found my old box of "Platypus Rex, Blood Junction" comics which I did about 12 years ago with Quenton Shaw! I was selling them for half price, and must have unloaded a good 3 or 4 of them! LOL

All in all it was a bit slow. I pretty much broke even, and that was only because I sold a couple of sketches--one of which is shown below, along with myself and the Magic: The Gathering enthusiast who commissioned it.

I also did this Darkwing Duck sketch--from memory, btw. LOL Not that he's as complicated to remember as Darth Vader was... In any case, I think it turned out much better than the first DW Duck sketch I did that started off this blog, AND didn't take any longer to do. Might have taken LESS time, in fact.

Anyway, it was a good show. Had a lot of fun and good talks with Nick on the road about comics and our ambitions! Also got to hang out with a friend who I haven't gotten to see for several years, and that was great too!

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